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KAT-TUN Fanfic Contests

[Contest #2] Jin/Ueda, G

KAT-TUN Fanfic Contests

[Contest #2] Jin/Ueda, G

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Um, first to post for the new contest? o.o;;

Title: E-Card
Pairing: Akanishi Jin / Ueda Tatsuya
Rating: G
Word Count: 1196 - Fic
Summary: The one person he’d been wanting to get chocolates from was halfway across the world.
Author's Notes: This idea very randomly hit me and would not go away until I finished it. So, here it is, fresh and ready for teh contest and all that. =P Here's the E-Card, in case anyone wants to see what I'm talking about.

Ueda was not too fond of chocolate, but he still liked getting them on Valentine’s Day. It let him know that he was thought of and admired, even if it was only in a platonic way.


Ueda received four boxes of chocolate that day.


The first was found on his doorstep, and from the looks of the scrawling on the card that came with it, it was from Junno.


Tatchan, please continue to work hard, ne? And don’t forget to have lots of fun. And find yourself a girlfriend so you won’t be so sad-looking all the time. Happy Valentine’s Day~! ♥ –Junno


Ueda smiled slightly at the card, shaking his head. He brought the chocolates inside and put them on the counter, then left his apartment and headed out for the studio.


The second box of chocolates Ueda received was handed directly to him by Kame. “But don’t think this means that I like you or anything,” Kame was quick to point out, and Ueda laughed a bit.


“Of course not, Kame-chan.” He stuck his tongue out at him.


“Don’t call me that!” Kame said, then walked away to hand out the rest of his chocolates to the other members of KAT-TUN.


The third was sitting on the chair he normally sat on in the dressing room. He only figured out it was there after he’d nearly sat on it. Luckily, the box was saved from a horrible squishy demise because Koki was quick to call out, “Wait, Ueda, watch where you’re sitting!”


Ueda stood up immediately and looked down, noticing the box and picking it up before plopping down into the chair. A note stuck to it simply said:


Happy Valentine’s Day, Ueda-kun! –Koki


Ueda shoved both Kame’s and Koki’s boxes into his bag and began to get ready for the performance they were scheduled to do in about half an hour.


The fourth box Ueda didn’t get until after the live was over, until they were all packing up to go home. Maru walked over and handed it to him wordlessly, just giving him a smile and then yelling at Koki to wait up for him.


Ueda glanced at the note stuck on the box.


Don’t worry, everything will be ok. We’re here for you always, even if you don’t think we are. ♥Maru


Ueda smiled. Maru sure was a clever one. He knew things about Ueda that the others didn’t. Though Ueda did appreciate the fact that they would all be there for him, and that they had all thought of him on Valentine’s Day. It made him feel better.


Especially since the one person he’d been wanting to get chocolates from was halfway across the world. It was impossible.




Ueda shook his head quickly and put Maru’s box in his bag with the two others. He wasn’t going to think about it now, it would only make him feel worse, and he didn’t need to right now. He should’ve been over this already by now, right? After all, Jin had left over three months prior.


When Ueda got home, it was pretty late. He checked the clock—nearly midnight—and decided to check his email real quick before bed. He hadn’t had the time for the past week, so it was likely to be full of spam and fan letters. But maybe there was something important in there.


Like the most recent email he’d gotten, for instance.


Hey Tatchan~! =Dv


How’s it going over there? How is everyone? Is Kame eating right lately? I noticed he’s been looking a little skinny. =/ How are the others? Are they driving you crazy? Or are they all calmed down now because the life of the party is gone? (That would be me, of course =P).


How have you been? Have you learned to cheer up and be lively yet? Probably not, huh? Oh well, I guess you will always be the same gloomy Tatchan we all know and love, then. ♥ But seriously, it wouldn’t kill you to look cheerful once in a while. ;D


America is so lonely without you guys here with me. But, I am having fun with my new friends, though they’ll never replace you. School is going good, too. English isn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be, and I’m learning lots. =D


I miss you guys all so much! =( I wish I could have been there for the new single. I saw the PV, you guys all look so great! Though, it seems so sad. Why is no one smiling? =( Don’t worry, I’ll be back in Japan soon enough. Wait for me, ok? Then we’ll release lots of new songs together.


By the way, I sent you a Valentine’s e-card written in English, so I could show off my skills to you guys. =) Though, I think you’ll be the only one able to read it. =/ Whatever. It’s mostly for you anyway. >_> It should be attached to this email, I think, if I did it right.


Hope your Valentine’s Day went well. Same goes for the others. Do any of them have girlfriends yet? Do you? Tell me~ (>o<)


Say hi to Pi and Ryo for me, ok? I have to go now. Ja~




Ueda had to reread the email twice to actually get it. Jin had sent him an e-card? He clicked the file attachment and opened it.


It was animated, and started off by saying ‘Know why my world’s suddenly started seeming brighter and happier?’ Ueda clicked to go to the next part.


It showed a cat on a swing with a daisy in its mouth, and next to it were the words ‘’Coz sweet thoughts of U are in full swing in my mind! Happy Valentine’s Day!’


Ueda laughed out loud at the corniness of the card itself. It was definitely very Jin-like.


He read Jin’s personalized message, and was immediately shocked, not by what it said, but by the correct grammar and spelling. Maybe Jin was learning a thing or two, after all. Then, he went back and reread it, still not quite believing it.




I have always liked you. I hope you like me too. I wish I could spend Valentine’s Day with you, but I think I will have to settle for the day after.




Day after? What…? Ueda’s thoughts were interrupted by someone ringing the doorbell. Who is ringing the doorbell at midnight? Ueda wondered, fully prepared to yell at whoever it was.


However, when he opened the door, he could not bring himself to stay mad any longer.


For a certain Bakanishi stood in the doorway.


“Tadaima,” he said, smiling at Ueda.


Ueda blinked.


“Um, sorry I didn’t bring you any chocolates or anything,” Jin said shyly, looking down. “But I didn’t trust myself not to eat them on the plane and by the time I landed it was already late and all the stores were closed so I couldn’t buy some here and—“


Ueda shut him up by kissing him.


Jin smiled. “So, am I forgiven then?”


Ueda smiled back. “Only if you’ll be my Valentine.”


  • Uwaah. THAT IS SO CUTE. ♥♥♥ The e-mail is awesome and the e-card too. ILU for writing this, even though personally I'm not too fond of the pairing JinDa. xD;
  • i lik this, sweet story ne.
    love Jin and Tatchan so much. ^^
  • kawaii~ =) me likey!!
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