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KAT-TUN Fanfic Contests

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KAT-TUN Fanfic Contests



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January 12th, 2007

There have been zero submissions so far, and the deadline is today. If there are still not enough submissions by midnight, the contest deadline will be extended to next Friday, 19th January.

Please get writing! =)

December 31st, 2006

Contest #1

Sakura/ come back and haunt me
We have 10 members excluding me at the moment, so I figured we could get going. =)

Contest #1
Prompt: 'Beginnings'. Take this prompt however you will~! I thought it would be a very suitable prompt seeing it's our first contest, and the new year is starting. ^____^
Deadline: Friday, 12th January 2007. If there aren't enough submissions by then, there will be an extension.

Please read the rules in this post before submitting your entry. If you have any questions, you can either leave a comment ot this post or the rules post.

Remember to tag your entries properly!

And, have fun~! ;D
EDIT: We already have quite a few graphics makers and we do not need more at the moment.

We need graphics makers! At the moment, we don't have a default icon.

For each contest, the first place winner of each category will be given a banner to put up on their userinfo or wherever else they want. So the graphics makers will have to make those banners as well.

If you consider yourself good at making graphics, leave a comment to this post with samples of your graphics to show me how good you are.


Sakura/ come back and haunt me
UPDATED: 2.1.07


Non-contest fanfics are not allowed in this community. There are other communities for you to post those fanfics.

If you have any questions, and if you have suggestions for rules that haven't been included yet, please comment to this post.
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